Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Historical Romance Book Club for Men

My Dearest Reader,
Happy New Year and hello 2013!  
We have yet another year of educational naughtiness ahead of us.  I have a few upcoming surprises that will start this summer.  I am about to give A BIT O'MUSLIN an exciting new twist. I won't share the details of the makeover quite yet, but let me say, you'll have a grand time with it.  Because I'm on vacation (and under deadline), I won't be doing a post this month, BUT, I am sharing a very special video with you called 'Historical Romance Book Club for Men' which I am quite certain will entertain all you dirty minded people.  Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Much love and until next time,
Delilah Marvelle


Jessie said...

That's an awesome video!

Jeanne M said...

I watched this as the "men" in my family were watching football in the other room!

My goal this year is for them to read your books and be "enlightened"!

Loved the video!