Sunday, February 1, 2009

Join the one year celebration!!!

My Dearest Readers,
'Tis difficult to believe that an entire year has passed since A Bit O'Muslin first made its debut. In honor of that one year, I invite you to partake in a bit of fun. And by doing so, you have the opportunity to win fabulous historical based prizes worth gossiping about.

Prizes up for grabs:
-A fabulous reprint of a 1930's book: The Art of Kissing by Pietro Ramirez Sr. (Tips and Techniques)
-A fabulous reprint of a 1913 book: Don'ts for Husbands/Don'ts for Wives by Blanche Ebbutt
-Two signed copies of my book Mistress of Pleasure, along with signed cover flats of my upcoming release, Lord of Pleasure.

How to win:
Answer one of the two following ridiculously easy questions.
(Hint: The answers can be found in previous posts OR you can google it...)

1.) Exactly how old is the oldest known dildo? (For there may have been older, but they simply haven't been found)
2.) What is osculation?

Only those posting the right answers will be entered to win. Everyone has from February 1st until the 13th to post their answers. Then remember to come back on Valentine's Day to see if you win! If you see your name, e-mail me at with your address so I can send you your prize. Remember. No address. No prize. Thank you for helping me celebrate and good luck to everyone who enters!!!

Cheers and much love,
Delilah Marvelle


AvonLadyJerrica said...

Hi Delilah!

The dildo is 28,000 years old...

Osculation is the act of kissing!

Jerrica Knight-Catania

Anonymous said...

Oh such a delicious contest!

1. The oldest dildo ever found is 28,000 years old

Love your blogs!


Louisa Cornell said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, Delilah! You already know how much I LOVE Mistress of Pleasure!! And this blog, of course!

Let me see, the oldest known dildo is dated between 28 and 30 thousand years old. Hey, there was no television. They had to have SOMETHING to do!

And osculation of course is kissing!

Anonymous said...

Great website.

Osculation is the art of kissing.

I'll have to look into that German dictionary.


Anonymous said...

Congrats lady! Proud of your success I am!

Oh and the answers to your question...the dildo is 28k years old. And Osculation is kissing!!!

Here is wishing you another wonderful year!

Eliza Knight said...

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!! I love this blog!

Answer: Osculation = kissing


Helen Hardt said...

Hi Delilah -- thanks for visiting my blog!

Osculation is a contact, as between two curves or surfaces, at three or more common points.

Of course, that's the mathematical definition, LOL.

You were probably looking for the more common meaning, which is the act of kissing ;).


Unknown said...

WOW i was vrey surprised at alot of that.
and a sort of priest to deflower vigins. geez i thought men was obsessed with taht

Liviania said...

I have to answer 2: Osculation is kissing! Why do I have to answer that one? I learned it in junior high when we were discussing vocab we wished we were tested on.

Anonymous said...

the oldest known dildo is a big 28,000 yr old rock, and osculation is kissing. which is odd, because it sounds bony.

Susan said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. It's been fun following your posts. Can't wait for LORD OF PLEASURE to come out :)

osculation = kissing :)

Delilah Marvelle said...

Look at all the posts!!! And look at all the right answers. So proud. Grin. Remember to keep those posts coming for your chance to win and come back to see who won on Valentine's Day!!!

Evangeline Holland said...
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Evangeline Holland said...

The oldest known dildo is dated from about 28,000 years ago! How provocative.

Unknown said...

28,000 years and kissing...
(I want the 1913 reprint)

Happy Anniversary to A Bit O'Muslin and many, many more!

Colleen said...

Just finished Mistress of Pleasure last week - I absolutely LOVED it - BRAVO! Can't wait for Lord of Pleasure to hit the bookshelves!!!

For the contest - 28,000 years on the dildo, and Kissing for osculation!!

Colleen said...

Just finished Mistress of Pleasure last week - I absolutely LOVED it - BRAVO! Can't wait for Lord of Pleasure to hit the bookshelves!!!

For the contest - 28,000 years on the dildo, and Kissing for osculation!!

Antoinette said...

the dildo is 28,000 years old and osculation is kissing

love your blogs Delilah!

Delilah Marvelle said...

Thank you to everyone who posted and to everyone who not only posted but said such awesome things about the blog and my book!!! I wish I could make all of you winners!!! I wrote all of your names down and drew out four. And the winners are....

I'm also throwing in an extra book to the first person to have posted, which is this case was Jerrica, AND FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT DID NOT WIN, you still get signed cover flats for my upcoming release Lord of Pleasure and a booklet on the history of condoms (because on Valentine's Day everyone deserves some love). Congrats to all of you!!!
Please e-mail me at with your addresses and I will get your prizes out to you this week!
Cheers and much love,
Delilah Marvelle