Sunday, February 1, 2009

Join the one year celebration!!!

My Dearest Readers,
'Tis difficult to believe that an entire year has passed since A Bit O'Muslin first made its debut. In honor of that one year, I invite you to partake in a bit of fun. And by doing so, you have the opportunity to win fabulous historical based prizes worth gossiping about.

Prizes up for grabs:
-A fabulous reprint of a 1930's book: The Art of Kissing by Pietro Ramirez Sr. (Tips and Techniques)
-A fabulous reprint of a 1913 book: Don'ts for Husbands/Don'ts for Wives by Blanche Ebbutt
-Two signed copies of my book Mistress of Pleasure, along with signed cover flats of my upcoming release, Lord of Pleasure.

How to win:
Answer one of the two following ridiculously easy questions.
(Hint: The answers can be found in previous posts OR you can google it...)

1.) Exactly how old is the oldest known dildo? (For there may have been older, but they simply haven't been found)
2.) What is osculation?

Only those posting the right answers will be entered to win. Everyone has from February 1st until the 13th to post their answers. Then remember to come back on Valentine's Day to see if you win! If you see your name, e-mail me at with your address so I can send you your prize. Remember. No address. No prize. Thank you for helping me celebrate and good luck to everyone who enters!!!

Cheers and much love,
Delilah Marvelle